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So Youtube blocked the responsible gun video producers' revenue first, and now is going after the videos themselves for doing what Youtube forced them to do, which is link to other companies selling stuff in their videos. Okay.

Our terms of service are simple: Keep it family-friendly, don't promote hate, hurting people, or irresponsible behavior. Do that, and your videos are welcome here.

We're offering to Youtube Channel Owners:

All this and ... automatic migration!

That's right - prove ownership of your Youtube channel or playlist by adding a token into one of the video descriptions so we know it's yours. We then proceed to automatically migrate your data onto our servers, and you can watch the status of your channels on your profile page.


  1. Sign up
  2. Register your channel with:
    • An easy URL (first come, first serve)
    • A simple description for now
  3. Enter token emailed to you to one of the video's description.
  4. Watch the system migrate your data.
  5. Review your channel content!
It should be that easy. Enter your business data and ACH info, and get paid.

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